Trustee Candidate Identification Advisory Council

Trustee Candidate Identification Advisory Council (TCIAC)

The Howard University Board of Trustees (“the Board”) established the TCIAC (Trustee Candidate Identification Advisory Council) in November 2021 to serve as an additional pathway for recruiting nominees to serve as members of the Board.  Since then, TCIAC's scope has expanded to include sourcing potential candidates for other volunteer opportunities at the University as well. 

The TCIAC serves as an advisory role to the Governance Committee of the Board, broadening the pool of potential candidates considered by the Committee, and engaging the Howard University community in identifying potential candidates for various volunteer roles.  

The Board appointed nine (9) members to the TCIAC including former trustees, alumni from different generations and geographies, and members of the HUAA (Howard University Alumni Association, Inc.) and the Howard faculty.  The Chair of the Governance Committee and the Secretary of the Board serve as ex officio on the TCIAC.

In pursuit of its established mission, the TCIAC seeks to promote its existence and its purpose to the Howard community by presenting a factual narrative of the Board nomination process; creating opportunities for Howard University Alumni to recommend potential candidates; and fostering a sense of openness between the Board and the Howard University community.  In addition, TCIAC will develop brand ambassadors that will champion the process.    

Download Trustee Candidate Identification Advisory Council Roster